25W Megaphone with Siren with Detachable Microphone

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Includes : 1 x 25W Megaphone



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Powerful 25W Megaphone with Siren and Detachable Microphone – Essential for Emergencies | BuyItem.lk

Make yourself heard with BuyItem.lk’s latest offering: the 25W Megaphone with Siren, designed to amplify your message across distances up to 500m. Equipped with a detachable microphone for dynamic use, this megaphone is an indispensable tool for various settings in Sri Lanka. Its robust construction coupled with a high-powered 25W amplifier ensures your voice carries in clarity, even amidst bustling environments. The incorporation of a siren feature makes it an essential apparatus for emergency situations, crowd control, and public announcements. With easy-to-use controls and a design focused on user comfort, this megaphone is ideal for educational institutions, event management, and law enforcement agencies that demand reliable and effective communication tools.

Powerful 25W Megaphone Key Features and Main Specifications

  • Key Features:
    • High-powered 25W amplifier for clear sound projection
    • Detachable microphone for versatile usage
    • Built-in siren to grab attention in urgent situations
    • Convenient volume control and talk switch
    • Ergonomic pistol-grip handle
    • Rugged edge protector for enhanced durability
  • Main Specifications:
    • Power output: 25W maximum
    • Battery: 12Vdc (8 x C cells, not supplied)
    • Operational range: 100m – 500m
    • Strap length: 100cm
    • Dimensions: 335 x 230mm
    • Weight: 1.65kg

Practical Uses in the Real World

The 25W Megaphone with Siren is a versatile device with many real-world applications in Sri Lanka. It’s the voice of authority during emergency evacuations, guiding crowds to safety with clear instructions. In the throes of lively festivals, it becomes the tool to manage throngs, ensuring events unfold smoothly. Educational institutes leverage its power during sports events and assemblies, bridging the gap between speakers and listeners. For law enforcement, it’s a means to establish order during traffic control or public gatherings. Commercial sectors use it for promotions, reaching out to consumers amidst the urban cacophony. Its robust siren can pierce through ambient noise, signaling alerts or drawing attention during critical moments. This megaphone becomes a bridge for communication in any space where being heard is paramount.

Work That Can Be Done With the Item

This megaphone is invaluable for conducting large-scale training sessions, coordinating large worksites, and facilitating public service announcements. It can be used to direct evacuation procedures during drills or actual emergencies, to conduct tours in noisy factory environments, or to manage participant coordination in large scale events like marathons or parades.

Powerful 25W Megaphone package includes 

1 x 25W Megaphone

25W Megaphone with Siren with Detachable Microphone 25W Megaphone with Siren with Detachable Microphone 25W Megaphone with Siren with Detachable Microphone


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