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Includes : 1 x  original packaging AMAZFIT |1 x official guarantee


Buy Amazfit T-Rex Pro Meteorite Black Smartwatch in Sri Lanka – Durable and Advanced

Immerse yourself in the epitome of technological innovation and durability with the AMAZFIT T-REX PRO METEORITE BLACK A2013-MB, the ultimate smartwatch engineered for the modern Sri Lankan man. A beacon of strength, this masterpiece sports a hardened polymer case and a sturdy plastic strap that stands the test of time and adventure. Revel in the exquisite touch display with AMOLED technology that ensures crisp visuals in all lighting conditions. Boasting a water resistance of 100 meters and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, this smartwatch is your relentless companion for every escapade, from the humid tropics to the heights of Adam’s Peak.

Supporting over 100 sports modes, the AMAZFIT T-REX PRO is designed to track your progress, whether you’re sprinting along the shores of Galle or trekking through the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Its comprehensive sensor suite, including GPS, heart rate monitor, and barometric altimeter, keeps you informed and safe. With a battery life spanning up to 18 days, it’s ready for extended tours without the need for frequent charging.

The watch is a technological marvel for the enthusiast, packed with features like blood oxygenation measurement, sleep and stress monitoring, all while complying with the MIL-STD-810G military standard for toughness. Experience seamless integration into your lifestyle with music control, daily alarms, and sunrise/sunset display, tailored for life in Sri Lanka.

AMAZFIT T-REX PRO METEORITE BLACK A2013-MB Men’s smart watch Key Features and Specifications:

  • Water Resistance: 100M/10ATM
  • Display: Touch, Always-on AMOLED
  • Compatibility: iOS & Android
  • Battery Life: 10-18 days
  • GPS & Multi-satellite support
  • Sensor Suite: Heart rate, Blood oxygen, Sleep monitoring, and more
  • Military-grade durability: MIL-STD-810G standard

Practical Uses in the Real World

In the heart of Sri Lanka, where ancient traditions meet the modern rhythm of life, the AMAZFIT T-REX PRO METEORITE BLACK A2013-MB Men’s Smart Watch stands as a beacon of technological innovation, designed to adapt and thrive in various aspects of daily life.

For the discerning professional darting through the urban sprawl, this smartwatch is a testament to productivity. It keeps you on schedule with its daily alarm, ensures you remain active with its idle warning, and even acts as a discreet health advisor with its stress measurement feature—essential for maintaining balance in the frenetic pace of city life.

Navigating through the wild terrains of Sri Lanka, from the Sinharaja Forest to the sandy beaches of Trincomalee, the AMAZFIT T-REX PRO robust build and military-grade durability handle the elements with ease. Its water and dust resistance make it an ally for archaeologists unearthing ancient ruins or biologists studying exotic wildlife.

For those who live by the tides, the fishermen of Galle or the surfers riding the waves at Arugam Bay, the smartwatch’s weather forecast feature and sunrise/sunset timings are invaluable. They can plan their day with precision, taking advantage of the optimal conditions their livelihoods or passions depend on.

In the cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka, where many festivals and rituals are synchronized with lunar phases, the moon phase display of the AMAZFIT T-REX PRO is particularly poignant. It connects the wearer not only to the rhythm of the seas but also to the cultural heartbeat of the nation.

The GPS tracking capabilities offer a practical layer of safety and exploration for trekkers and pilgrims alike, traversing the sacred paths of Adam’s Peak or exploring the ancient city of Anuradhapura. With this watch, the spiritual journey becomes one less burdened by logistics and more focused on the experience.

Finally, in the quieter moments, when reflection is sought, the AMAZFIT T-REX PRO serves as a silent observer, monitoring sleep patterns and offering insights into the quality of rest. Whether you’re a monk in the serenity of Kandy or a homeowner in the suburbs, understanding and improving your sleep is crucial for a balanced life.

In every paragraph, the unique capabilities of the T-REX PRO are showcased, illustrating how it integrates seamlessly into the rich fabric of life in Sri Lanka. Each feature serves a purpose, from the pragmatic to the profound, underscoring the watch’s versatility and making it an indispensable companion for various Sri Lankan lifestyles.

Work That Can Be Done with the Item

This smartwatch goes beyond telling time; it’s a fitness coach, a navigator, and a health advisor all on your wrist. Plan workouts, navigate trails, receive notifications, and even control music without ever reaching for your phone.

AMAZFIT T-REX PRO METEORITE BLACK A2013-MB Men’s smart watch package  includes :

1 x  original packaging AMAZFIT
1 x official guarantee



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Water Resistance


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10-18 days

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