Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V

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Includes : Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V


Efficient Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller – Smart Energy Management for 12V/24V Systems

Embark on a journey towards sustainable energy with the Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller, a pivotal addition to your solar power system available in Sri Lanka. This state-of-the-art controller is adept at managing 12V/24V systems, ensuring that your solar batteries are charged efficiently and safely. It boasts an automatic system voltage recognition, seamlessly adapting to your power setup. With its 30A rated charging current, the Anern controller can handle significant energy flow, making it perfect for a robust solar arrangement.

Harness the sun’s power with precision; the Anern 30A controller comes equipped with an array of charging protections, including overcharging and short circuit safeguards, alongside a comprehensive set of technical specifications that promote longevity and reliability. This controller’s intelligent design includes a USB output for convenient device charging and a digital display that provides real-time insights into your system’s status.

Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • System Voltage: Automatic adaptation for 12V/24V
  • Rated Charging Current: 30A
  • Rated Discharge Current: 30A
  • Maximum PV Voltage: <46V for 24V system
  • Charging Modes: Sealed, Gel, Flooded with adjustable parameters
  • High-Efficiency PWM Charging
  • Temperature Compensation: -35°C to +60°C
  • Sturdy build: 133mm x 70mm x 35mm; 132g

Practical Uses:

The Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller is a versatile tool that serves as the brain of your solar panel system. Whether you’re living off-grid, powering a remote workshop, or ensuring your home has an eco-friendly power backup, this controller is designed for real-world resilience. It intelligently regulates the power from your solar panels to charge batteries during the day and powers your needs seamlessly. From rural households to urban eco-conscious spaces, this device enables a range of sustainable living solutions in Sri Lanka’s diverse environments.

Work That Can Be Done:

With the Anern 30A controller, you can manage large-scale solar installations, run extensive lighting systems, and power essential household appliances during power outages. It’s the ideal partner for solar-powered water pumps in agricultural settings or for maintaining critical communication equipment in remote areas.

Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V package includes :

Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V

Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V Anern 30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V


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Voltage Adaptation

12V/24V Auto

Charging Current

30A Rated

Multiple Battery Types



133x70x35mm; Weight: 132g

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