Boya XLR-C8 Audio Adapter Cable

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Includes : Boya XLR-C8 Audio Adapter Cable


High-Quality Boya XLR-C8 Audio Cable for Professional Sound in Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in the world of professional audio with the Boya XLR-C8 XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable, now available in Sri Lanka. This studio-grade essential offers an unmatched blend of durability and high-fidelity sound transmission, perfect for the discerning audio professional. Designed to connect microphones to mixers, audio interfaces, recorders, and other devices requiring XLR connectivity, the Boya XLR-C8 stands out with its low-impedance signal flow and dual copper outer shields.

Crafted with two conductive PVC inner shields and twin copper exterior shields, this cable promises comprehensive protection against signal loss and RF interference. The 24 AWG stranded copper wires are sheathed in a heavy-duty PVC jacket, capable of withstanding the rigors of live sound environments and demanding studio sessions. Boasting a generous 8-meter length, the Boya XLR-C8 facilitates freedom of movement and versatile setup options.

Whether you’re recording in a home studio or broadcasting live, trust in the Boya XLR-C8 to deliver crystal-clear audio. Its robust design ensures that your signal remains pristine, from the microphone to the final output. Embrace the fusion of quality and performance with this top-tier audio cable, tailored for the audio enthusiast who will settle for nothing but the best.

Boya XLR-C8 Audio Adapter Cable Key Features and Main Specifications

  • Low-impedance signal path ensures clear audio
  • Dual copper outer shields for minimal interference
  • Robust PVC jacket and RF shielding for durability
  • 24 AWG stranded copper wires for reliable connectivity
  • 8-meter length for versatile positioning

Practical Uses

The Boya XLR-C8 is more than just a cable; it’s a gateway to crystal-clear sound reproduction for live performances, studio recordings, and broadcast environments. Its exceptional length allows audio professionals to navigate complex setups with ease, accommodating distant sound sources without compromising signal integrity. The cable’s resilient design guarantees that even in high-traffic areas or during outdoor events, your audio will remain uninterrupted by physical stress or environmental RF noise. By ensuring a clean and reliable connection, the Boya XLR-C8 empowers audio engineers, musicians, and content creators to capture every nuance of sound, whether recording a delicate violin solo or amplifying a rock band’s energetic performance.

Work That Can Be Done with the Item

With the Boya XLR-C8, you can connect high-quality microphones to various audio equipment, ensuring flawless sound capture for studio recordings, live sound reinforcement, and audio for video production. This cable is essential for creating podcasts, music albums, or broadcasting live events, guaranteeing that every word and note is transmitted with clarity and precision.

Boya XLR-C8 Audio Adapter Cable Boya XLR-C8 Audio Adapter Cable


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