Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source

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Includes: 1 x Spotlight | 1 x Flashlight | 1 x Charging Cable | 1 x Adapter


Versatile Gem Torch 3 LED – Essential Light Source for Prospecting in Sri Lanka

Embrace the pinnacle of illumination with the Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source, a must-have gadget for enthusiasts and professionals in Sri Lanka. Featuring three powerful LEDs, this torch combines a white-yellow 365nm violet light with an impressive double-click cross laser for precision lighting. Its robust design includes a stainless steel and aluminum body that resists corrosion and ensures durability. With a 25W output and a 6000MAH built-in battery, it promises long-lasting use of 8-10 hours on a single charge, catering to extensive field sessions without the hassle of frequent recharging.

Perfectly sized with a 1.5cm diameter and weighing only 400g, this portable gem torch slips easily into any kit. Its zoom-in feature and waterproof capabilities make it ideal for the varied terrains of Sri Lanka. The added convenience of a TYPE-C charging mode and the ability to charge your phone makes it a multifunctional tool for any adventure. Whether you’re a gem prospector, an avid camper, or someone who values a reliable light source, the Gem Torch 3 LED is designed to illuminate your pursuits.

Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • Light Source: White-Yellow, 365nm Violet Light, Double Click Cross Laser
  • Power: 25W, Long-Press Infinitely Dimmable
  • Battery: Built-in 6000MAH Lithium Battery
  • Continuous Use: Approximately 8-10 hours
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy
  • Waterproof and Zoom-In Functionality
  • Charging: TYPE-C, with Phone Charging Capability
  • Origin: Mainland China

Practical Uses

The Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source stands as an indispensable tool for gemstone hunters in the lush terrains of Sri Lanka. Its trio of LEDs, including a white-yellow beam and a 365nm violet light, offers a spectrum of illumination tailored for the meticulous inspection of precious stones. With the added precision of a double-click cross laser, prospectors can pinpoint specific areas of interest, ensuring no valuable gem goes unnoticed.

The torch’s durable construction is matched by its waterproof capabilities, ensuring it can withstand the torrential rains and riverine environments often encountered during Sri Lankan gem expeditions. The robust design is not only resilient against the elements but also compact enough for easy transport, making it a staple in the adventurer’s backpack.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Gem Torch 3 LED is a beacon in the night, guiding trekkers through dense forests and rugged mountain paths. Its extensive battery life, able to last between 8 to 10 hours, means that even during the longest night, the path ahead is illuminated. During unexpected power outages, this torch serves as a reliable source of light, keeping households illuminated and safe.

Its practicality extends beyond illumination. With its TYPE-C charging capability and the unique feature of charging phones, it becomes a survival tool, ensuring communication lines remain open in the most remote locations. Whether used for navigating the untamed wilderness, providing safety in emergencies, or simply offering a source of light where none exists, the Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source is not just a tool but a companion for those who dare to explore and uncover the nocturnal beauty of Sri Lanka.

Work Potential with Item

Utilize the Gem Torch 3 LED to facilitate intricate tasks like jewelry appraisal, scientific fieldwork, or intricate craftwork. It’s also perfect for outdoor use, from night fishing to trail marking, ensuring safety and visibility. Its robust build and charging capability make it a reliable companion for various professional and recreational activities.

Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source package includes

1 x Spotlight
1 x Flashlight
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Adapter

Gem Torch 3 LED Battery and Charger Inclusions Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source Gem Torch 3 LED Light Source


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Weight 0.400 kg

Light source

365nm violet light, White, yellow


1.5cm(with 0.4cm small lamp holder)


About 8-10 hours


Stainless steel + aluminum alloy

Net Weight




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