Gf07 mini GPS Tracker

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Includes : 1 x Gf07 mini GPS Tracker 


Compact GF07 Mini GPS Tracker – Advanced Real-time Vehicle & Personal Locator

Introducing the GF07 Mini GPS Tracker, a compact yet powerful device, tailor-made for ensuring the safety and tracking of your valuables in Sri Lanka. This sleek tracker, sized at a mere 4cm2cm1.5cm, is engineered to seamlessly integrate into your daily life without drawing attention. Despite its small stature, it houses a robust 400mAh lithium-ion battery, ensuring up to 200 hours of vigilant service on a single charge. With precision GPS positioning up to 500 meters, an SOS alarm for emergencies, and the convenience of a Micro USB interface, this tracker is the epitome of reliability. It’s the ideal solution for safeguarding everything from personal items to vehicles, giving you peace of mind with just a glance at your smartphone.

The GF07 Mini GPS Tracker is not only a guardian but also a versatile tool compatible with 2G networks, with additional memory expansion via Mini TF card. Encased in durable plastic, this device is designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday use in Sri Lanka’s dynamic environment.

Gf07 mini GPS Tracker  Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • Ultra-compact design for discreet placement
  • High GPS positioning accuracy of 500 meters
  • Durable 400mAh battery offering 200 hours of tracking
  • SOS alarm feature for emergency situations
  • Expandable memory with Mini TF card slot

Practical Uses in the Real World:

The GF07 Mini GPS Tracker stands as a vigilant guardian in Sri Lanka’s lively urban landscape, offering an array of practical applications. Fleet managers will find this tracker indispensable for supervising their vehicles, enhancing operational efficiency, and safeguarding against unauthorized use or theft. With the ability to track routes, speeds, and stops, managers can analyze and optimize drivers’ performance, reducing idle times, and cutting down on fuel costs.

For personal use, the GF07 is a discreet yet powerful ally. Parents can quietly ensure their children’s safety on their way to school or during outdoor activities, providing an extra layer of security in the bustling city life. The device’s real-time tracking feature can be a beacon of reassurance for families with elderly members who may require immediate assistance or for pets that might wander off.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners in Sri Lanka can leverage the GF07 tracker to monitor their valuable assets and inventory during transit. It becomes a tool for transparency and accountability, which is crucial in managing customer expectations and ensuring the safe delivery of goods. This tracker is also ideal for individuals renting out vehicles or equipment, as it can serve as a theft deterrent and a means to recover assets if they go missing.

For the adventurous souls, the GF07 Mini GPS Tracker can be an essential part of travel gear. Whether hiking in the rugged terrain or navigating the crowded streets of tourist hotspots, the tracker can help adventurers locate their backpacks, vehicles, or even fellow travelers if separated. It’s particularly useful in areas where cell service might be unreliable, providing a layer of safety when exploring off the beaten path.

The compact nature of the GF07 GPS Tracker means it fits snugly into any part of your daily life without being obtrusive. It could be tucked away in a glove compartment, attached to a keychain, or nestled in the corner of a laptop bag. Its presence is silent but impactful, acting as a deterrent against theft and a fast-acting solution should your belongings be moved without consent.

Work that Can Be Done with the Item:

The GF07 Mini GPS Tracker goes beyond mere location tracking. It enables setting up geo-fences, sending out instant alerts if your items venture beyond designated areas. For parents, it’s a tool for overseeing the whereabouts of children in crowded places. Business owners can use real-time data to optimize delivery routes, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance customer service by providing accurate ETAs.

Gf07 mini GPS Tracker package Includes :

1 x Gf07 mini GPS Tracker

Gf07 mini GPS TrackerGf07 mini GPS TrackerGf07 mini GPS Tracker



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4x2x1.5 cm

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