JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone

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Includes : 1x JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone | 1x 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter |1x Quick-start guide


Revolutionize Your Audio Experience with JBL PBM100 – The Ultimate Clarity Wired Microphone

Immerse yourself in the premium sound quality of the JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone, a pivotal instrument in acoustic precision that’s now within your grasp in Sri Lanka. This microphone, with its sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, is the perfect ally for clear, consistent sound delivery. Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned professional, the JBL PBM100 is designed to elevate your vocal performance to new heights.

The heart of the JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone superior sound lies in its cardioid polar pattern. This design is engineered to home in on your voice while ingeniously reducing unwanted background noise. This makes it an impeccable choice for studio recordings where every detail counts, as well as live performances where clarity is key. With the JBL PBM100, your voice will cut through any mix, standing out with the richness and presence that JBL microphones are known for.

Engineered to accommodate a broad frequency range from 50Hz to 15kHz, this microphone does more than just capture sound—it preserves the character and timbre of your voice or instrument. This wide frequency response ensures that every note, from the deep resonance of a bass guitar to the high pitch of a soprano, is articulated with JBL’s signature clarity and definition.

Moreover, the sensitivity of -53±3dBV/Pa guarantees a nuanced audio capture. The dynamic range of this microphone allows for the softest whisper to be heard just as clearly as the most vigorous shout. It’s a tool that responds to you, adjusting to the intensity of your performance and delivering consistent output every time.

Practicality meets versatility with the JBL PBM100’s 600 Ohms impedance and 6.35mm audio output. This combination ensures compatibility with a vast array of audio equipment, meaning you can plug in and perform almost anywhere. Whether it’s connecting to a mixing board at a concert or interfacing with a sound card in a home studio, this microphone adapts without compromising on sound quality.

Lastly, the PBM100’s lightweight build, tipping the scales at merely 110g, makes it a dream for performers on the move. Mobility is often the key to a musician’s success, and this microphone promises just that. Its durable construction, however, means it doesn’t sacrifice robustness for portability. It’s built to withstand the rigors of the road and the demands of daily use, ensuring that wherever you go, the JBL PBM100 is ready to perform.

In essence, the JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone is not just an electronic device; it’s a gateway to sonic excellence. For the artists in Sri Lanka looking to capture their sound with authenticity, this microphone stands out as the professional’s choice. With it, every performance is a step towards perfection, ensuring that your voice, your music, and your passion are heard in their truest form.

JBL PBM100 Wired MicrophoneKey Features and Main Specifications:

  • Cardioid polar pattern for focused audio capture
  • Frequency range of 50Hz – 15kHz
  • Sensitivity of -53±3dBV/Pa
  • Electrical impedance: 600 Ohms
  • Dimensions: Ø46.7mm x L188mm
  • Lightweight at 110g for portability
  • Standard 6.35mm output for universal compatibility
  • Sturdy construction with a 3-pin connection for reliable performance

JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone package includes :

1x JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone
1x 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter
1x Quick-start guide

JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone JBL PBM100 Wired Microphone


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