LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket + 6 USB Extension Power Cord

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includes : LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket 6 USB Extension Power Cord only


LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket + 6 USB Extension Power Cord for Efficient Charging

Discover unparalleled convenience and charging efficiency with the LDNIO SC3604, the ultimate power solution for your electronics and gadgets. Ideal for homes and offices in Sri Lanka, this robust extension cord integrates three power sockets with six USB ports, making it a central hub for all your charging needs. With its sleek design and superior build, the LDNIO SC3604 not only powers your devices but also adds a modern touch to your workspace.

Equipped with smart charging technology, the six USB ports deliver up to 3.4A of power each, ensuring your devices charge at the fastest speed possible. The extension cord’s 250-volt capacity caters to a wide range of electronics, while the anti-static power sockets provide a safe and reliable connection.

With a compact and durable design, the LDNIO SC3604 is built to last. It’s encased in high-quality plastic that withstands the wear and tear of everyday use, and its 5-meter cord offers the flexibility to position it exactly where you need it. Safety is paramount, and this power cord features overcharge protection, keeping your valuable devices secure from electrical surges.

LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket Key Features and Main Specifications

  • 3 power sockets
  • 6 USB charging ports with a maximum current of 3.4A each
  • Total output: 250V, ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices
  • 5-meter cord length for extended reach
  • Smart charging technology for efficient power delivery
  • Overcharge protection for device safety
  • High-quality anti-static plastic build

Practical Uses in the Real World

The LDNIO SC3604 extension cord is a beacon of utility, elegantly bridging the gap between power supply and device management in the diverse environments of Sri Lanka. It’s a boon for professionals juggling various devices, providing a singular, accessible point for powering laptops, phones, and tablets. The gadget-friendly strip is just as beneficial in residential settings, unifying the charging needs of an entire household. It replaces the chaos of multiple chargers with one streamlined solution, minimizing mess and maximizing efficiency.

Whether tucked behind a desk or stationed in a common room, the LDNIO SC3604’s generous 5-meter cable reaches far-flung outlets with ease, bringing power to previously inconvenient spots. This extension cord is especially valuable for students attending online classes, ensuring their study space can accommodate all necessary tech. It’s also a godsend for tech enthusiasts and content creators who need to keep their cameras, lights, and computers juiced up and ready to go.

In essence, the LDNIO SC3604 is not just a tool but a lifestyle enhancer. It’s robust enough to handle the demands of a high-tech workspace while remaining simple enough for the everyday user, making it an indispensable component of modern living in Sri Lanka.

Work That Can Be Done with the Item

With the LDNIO SC3604, you can transform any corner into a charging station, power work tools, and create a centralized location for entertainment systems. It’s ideal for powering home offices, setting up gaming stations, or organizing your living space with a clean and efficient power setup.

LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket package includes :

LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket 6 USB Extension Power Cord only

LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket + 6 USB Extension Power Cord LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket + 6 USB Extension Power Cord LDNIO SC3604 3 Power Socket + 6 USB Extension Power Cord


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Input voltage

250 Volts




21.4 x 11.2 x 7 cm

Total Power Outlets


Total USB Ports


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