Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe

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Includes: Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe


Professional Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm – Precision Loupe for Expert Magnification |

Unlock the power of precision with the Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm, expertly crafted for professionals and hobbyists alike in Sri Lanka. This state-of-the-art magnifying loupe boasts an impressive 10x magnification, achieved through a 21mm optical-grade lens that ensures clarity and detail like never before. Perfect for jewelers, numismatists, and electronic engineers, this magnifier is the key to enhancing your intricate work and inspections. The compact, lightweight design makes it an indispensable tool in your arsenal, providing the perfect blend of functionality and portability. Delve into the minute details of your crafts and projects with unmatched ease and precision.

Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • 10x magnification for high-detail viewing
  • 21mm lens diameter offers a wide field of view
  • Triple lens construction for superior clarity
  • Compact and portable design
  • Durable zinc alloy frame resists corrosion
  • Optical glass lens for high transparency and scratch resistance
  • Lightweight at only 200 grams for ease of use

Practical Uses:

In the real world, the Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm opens up a new dimension of clarity. Jewelers can examine gemstones for purity and cut precision, while stamp collectors can verify the authenticity of their collection with confidence. Botanists can study plant details in their natural habitat, and electronics technicians can spot circuit board issues with improved accuracy. This lens is an essential tool for anyone requiring detailed examination in their field, offering a glimpse into the microscopic world with ease and precision.

 Work with the Item:

With the Magnifier Lens Triplet, professionals can perform detailed appraisals, intricate repair work, and close-up inspections. It serves as an aid in creating delicate jewelry, repairing small electronic components, and conducting scientific research where detail is paramount. For educators and students, it brings the microscopic details of specimens into view, enhancing learning and discovery.

Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe package includes:

Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe only:

Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe Magnifier Lens Triplet 10x 21mm Magnify Loupe


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Lens Size

21mm diameter

Lens Type

Triplet (three lenses combined)

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