Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen – 6 feet 70″x70″

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Includes : 1 x Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen – 6 feet | 1 x Remote Control | 1 x Mounting Brackets and Hardware |1 x User Manual 

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Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen – 70″x70″ 6ft – Enhance Your Home Cinema in Sri Lanka

Dive into the realm of cinematic splendor with the Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen, tailored for the discerning viewer in Sri Lanka. Our premium 6 feet 70″x70″ screen transforms any space into an immersive theater with its cutting-edge technology. Revel in crystal-clear images and stunning contrasts that bring your favorite movies and presentations to life. Effortlessly adjustable with a convenient remote, this motorized marvel offers both luxury and functionality for your home or office. Experience a broad viewing angle for group settings and compatibility with various devices. This projector screen is an investment in unmatched viewing quality.

Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen – 6 feet  Key Features and Specifications:

  • Gain Screen of 1.3 for superior brightness
  • High contrast for optimized picture quality
  • 70″x70″ viewing area with a 6 feet diagonal size
  • Matte White Viewing Surface with 4-Side Black Masking Borders
  • 160° Viewing Angle compatible with multiple projector types
  • Remote control operation with battery included

Practical Uses in the Real World:

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for dynamic and engaging presentations is paramount, and the Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen is the quintessential solution for a multitude of settings. Corporate professionals in Sri Lanka will find this screen an indispensable tool, as it offers a sprawling canvas to showcase their business proposals and data-driven reports with impeccable clarity, ensuring that every chart and graph is presented in striking detail.

Educators are set to benefit immensely, too. In a classroom or lecture hall, this motorized screen becomes an ally in interactive learning, allowing for high-resolution visuals that can captivate students and enhance their educational experience. Complex subjects become more accessible when displayed on a vast screen that highlights every subtlety, fostering a more immersive learning environment.

For the entertainment enthusiasts, the screen is a gateway to an extraordinary home cinema experience. Family and friends can unite for a movie night under the stars or within the comfort of their living room, enjoying blockbuster films and timeless classics on a screen that rivals the local movie theater’s. The ease of use, with its remote-control operation, means that the cinematic world is at their fingertips without the hassle of manual setups.

In the world of art and entertainment, where visual exhibitions and screenings play a crucial role, this projector screen stands out. It offers artists and curators a professional-grade display option that’s not only large but also renders colors and contrasts with such fidelity that every artwork and short film is exhibited with the nuance it deserves.

The practicality of this screen extends to event planners and wedding coordinators looking to add a touch of sophistication to their events. Be it a video montage at a wedding reception or a live feed at a conference, the screen’s motorized features allow for seamless transitions, adding to the professionalism and elegance of any occasion.

Work that Can Be Done:

From professional presentations to educational lectures, and from thrilling gaming sessions to binge-watching TV series, the functionality of this projector screen spans across various needs and interests. It’s built to enhance the visual experience of its users, regardless of the content being displayed.

Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen – 6 feet package includes : 

1 x Motorized Remote Control Projector Screen – 6 feet
1 x Vega Electric Projector Screen 12×9
1 x Remote Control
1 x Mounting Brackets and Hardware
1 x User Manual

Projector Screen

Projection Screen


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Weight 6 kg


Dual wall & ceiling installation design.

✅ High contrast 1.3 gain screen optimizes picture quality.

✅ Matte white viewing surface diffuses projected light uniformly.

✅ 4-side black masking borders increase picture focus & contrast.

✅ Black-backed screen material eliminate slight penetration.

✅ Motor allows silent operation with extended operational longevity.

✅ Screen surface could wipe with mild soap or water.

✅ Lightweight steel white case for easy installation.

✅ House with heavy-duty roller and reliable spring inside.

✅ Washable surface, easy to keep clean.

✅ Remote control requires battery (included).

✅ 160° viewing angle perfect for residential or commercial use.

✅ Operation Type: Automatic with Switch or Remote.

✅ 25mm black masking borders to enhance picture contrast.

✅ Simple plug and play system.

✅ Compatible with all projectors (DLP, CRT, LCD, HD, 3D)

✅ Wall mountable control panel for use without remote

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