NITECORE 21700 6000mAh 20A 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

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Includes : 1 x NITECORE 21700 6000mAh battery only 



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High-Capacity NITECORE 21700 6000mAh 20A Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Dive into the world of uninterrupted power with the NITECORE 21700 6000mAh 20A 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, a technological marvel designed for high-demand electronics. Engineered with precision in Mainland China, this rechargeable battery boasts a substantial capacity of 6000mAh, ensuring your devices stay powered longer. Its impressive 3.6V energy output is perfectly balanced with a 20A discharge rate, catering to intensive usage with ease. Whether you’re venturing into the wilderness with your flashlight or ensuring your gadgets remain charged during critical moments, this NITECORE battery is the reliable companion you need.

Encased in a robust shell, this Li-ion battery is not just about power; it’s also about safety. With built-in protective circuits guarding against overcharging, over-discharge, and short-circuiting, each NITECORE battery is an embodiment of reliability. What’s more, the pressure relief valve is a testament to NITECORE’s commitment to safety, activating in the event of a rapid temperature increase to prevent damage.

As the world moves towards more energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, the NITECORE 21700 battery stands out as a reusable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly choice. Its 12-month warranty is a promise of quality and durability, offering peace of mind with each purchase.

NITECORE 21700 6000mAh Key Features and Main Specifications:

Capacity: 6000mAh for long-lasting use.
Voltage: 3.6V, optimal for high-performance devices.
Discharge Rate: 20A, ideal for high-drain electronics.
Diameter: 22mm, universally compatible with standard devices.
Length: 75.4mm, compact design.
Weight: 76g, lightweight for portability.

Practical Uses

With its remarkable energy density, the NITECORE 21700 6000mAh battery stands as a beacon of reliability for outdoor adventurers and professionals. Its 6000mAh capacity is crucial for those who rely on high-lumen flashlights during extended camping trips, illuminating the vast wilderness night after night. For the avid explorer trekking through remote trails or the mountaineer navigating treacherous paths, this battery provides the assurance that their light source will last through the darkest hours.

In professional realms, especially in security and emergency services, the NITECORE 21700 6000mAh is synonymous with trust. Tactical flashlights powered by this cell are essential in search and rescue operations, providing bright, sustained illumination critical in life-or-death situations. Moreover, for photographers and videographers working in the field, this battery ensures that LED panels and camera accessories remain functional, capturing those priceless moments without the fear of losing power at a critical juncture.

For the tech-savvy, the versatility of the NITECORE 21700 6000mAh extends to a variety of gadgets. Drones used in aerial photography or land surveying benefit immensely from the long-lasting and stable power supply, enabling them to operate longer and farther. Even in the urban jungle, where power demands are unceasing, this battery is a reliable power backup for handheld devices, ensuring that one’s daily life remains uninterrupted.

The NITECORE 21700 doesn’t just power devices; it powers experiences. It’s the silent guardian in the night, the steadfast companion on epic journeys, and the unseen hero in the devices we depend on. With a blend of longevity, power, and safety, it’s an indispensable asset in a world that never stops moving.

Work Potential with Item

From illuminating the darkest paths during hiking expeditions to running essential medical devices during power outages, the NITECORE 21700 battery is a versatile power source that supports a wide array of electronic devices.

NITECORE 21700 6000mAh package includes :

1 x NITECORE 21700 6000mAh battery only

NITECORE 21700 6000mAh 20A 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery NITECORE 21700 6000mAh 20A 3.6V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery


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