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Includes : 1 x NITECORE GEM8UV | 1 x Holster | 1 x Lanyard | 1 x Spare o-ring 



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High-Intensity NITECORE GEM8UV Gemstone Identification UV Torch – Available in Sri Lanka

Discover the pinnacle of precision in gemstone examination with the NITECORE GEM8UV Gem Torch, the ultimate UV gem torch that’s revolutionizing the world of gemology in Sri Lanka. With its unparalleled 3000 mW power and 365 nm ultraviolet output, this state-of-the-art tool casts a new light on gem authenticity, enabling professionals and enthusiasts alike to unlock the secrets within stones. Its innovative technology offers an infinitely variable brightness feature, ensuring you can tailor the intensity to your specific needs, whether you’re assessing clarity, verifying authenticity, or simply admiring the luminescent beauty of your collection.

NITECORE GEM8UV Gem Torch Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • Max Output: 3000 mW / 365 nm, ideal for gemstone fluorescence.
  • Max Runtime: Remarkable endurance of up to 500 hours, translating to over 20 days of continuous use.
  • LED: Specialty UV LED for professional-grade gemstone identification.
  • Battery Versatility: Utilizes either 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123 batteries, providing flexibility in power sources.
  • Design: At 139 mm in length and a head size of 9 mm, it is elegantly compact and designed for the intricacies of gemstone work.
  • Weight: Lightweight at 57.7 g, making it a portable tool for field use.
  • Innovation: Features infinitely variable brightness for nuanced inspection.
  • Specialized Use: Tailored for gemstone identification, a must-have tool for gemologists and jewelry professionals.

Practical Uses:

The NITECORE GEM8UV Gem Torch stands as a cornerstone in the toolkit of any serious gemstone dealer, collector, or jeweler within Sri Lanka’s vibrant gem market. Its exceptional utility is rooted in its ultraviolet illumination, a crucial feature for revealing the often-hidden properties of precious stones. With a wave of the torch, nuances of fluorescence can distinguish genuine gems from imitations, showcase patterns and growth lines, and even highlight repairs that are invisible under normal light.

This tool’s compact form belies its robust capabilities, slipping easily into a pocket or toolkit, ready to be deployed in various settings—from the meticulous counters of luxury jewelers to the bustling aisles of international gem expos. In Sri Lanka, known for its rich deposits of sapphires and other precious stones, the NITECORE GEM8UV Gem Torch acts as a silent arbiter of quality, enabling traders to make informed decisions, thus enhancing the integrity of transactions.

The GEM8UV’s role extends to educational environments as well. It serves as a teaching aid in gemology classes, illuminating the complex world of gem identification for students. By examining the luminescent reactions of minerals, learners can gain insight into the fascinating science behind gemology.

In a field where the details make all the difference, the NITECORE GEM8UV Gem Torch s precise and adjustable ultraviolet light is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Its ability to operate for extensive periods, supported by long-lasting batteries, means that one can rely on it during prolonged assessment sessions or field expeditions to remote Sri Lankan mines, where the next remarkable discovery awaits.

Work Potential with Item

With the NITECORE GEM8UV Gem Torch, professionals can perform detailed inspections of gemstone quality, check for repairs, identify synthetics, and verify the authenticity of diamonds and other precious stones with confidence.

NITECORE GEM8UV Gem Torch package includes :

1 x Holster
1 x Lanyard
1 x Spare o-ring



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Weight 0.0577 kg

Max Output

3000 mW / 365 nm

Max Runtime

500 h

Net Weight

57.7 g

Activity Use

Gemstone Identification

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