Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light

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Includes : Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light only


Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light – Illuminate Your Creativity

The Plokama PK-70 LED Video Light is a pioneering lighting solution for the professional videography and photography industry in Sri Lanka. Engineered to cater to the exacting standards of contemporary content creators, this LED light stands out for its exceptional blend of versatility, resilience, and outstanding lighting capabilities. It is meticulously designed to ensure each photograph and video shot is bathed in flawless illumination, thus breathing life into your creative visions with unmatched clarity and color fidelity. The PK-70’s compact yet robust design renders it an essential tool for filmmakers, YouTubers, and photographers who aspire to enhance their visual narratives.

This LED light’s superior performance is attributed to its high Color Rendering Index (CRI>95), ensuring that colors are rendered in their truest form, mirroring the natural world with precision. Such high fidelity in color reproduction is crucial for professionals who demand authenticity and vibrancy in their work. The Plokama PK-70 also boasts an adjustable color temperature range from 3200K to 5600K, offering flexibility to match the lighting conditions of any environment, from the golden hues of sunrise to the cool shades of daylight.

Beyond color accuracy, the PK-70 is designed for supreme adaptability. It can be powered by batteries for on-the-go shooting or connected to an AC adapter for prolonged use in studio settings, ensuring that your creative process is never hindered by power constraints. Its lightweight construction does not compromise on durability, making it a reliable companion for outdoor shoots and demanding conditions. The light’s broad beam angle further enhances its utility, providing ample coverage that is ideal for both intimate portraits and expansive scene compositions.

The Plokama PK-70 LED Video Light also introduces an array of lighting modes and effects, from simulating the flicker of a television to mimicking the dynamics of natural lightning, adding depth and drama to visual storytelling. These features are not only innovative but also inspire creativity, allowing videographers and photographers to explore new dimensions in their narratives. Moreover, the device’s efficient heat dissipation mechanism ensures that it remains cool to the touch, even during extended usage, thereby extending the lifespan of the light and safeguarding the comfort of the user.

Investing in the Plokama PK-70 LED Video Light is an investment in the quality and impact of your visual projects. Whether you are capturing the subtle nuances of a portrait or the grandeur of a landscape, the PK-70 brings your artistic vision to the forefront with unparalleled illumination. Its seamless integration into any shooting environment, combined with its ease of use, makes it a favored choice among professionals seeking to push the boundaries of their creative expression.

The Plokama PK-70 LED Video Light is more than just a lighting device; it is a catalyst for creativity and innovation in the field of videography and photography in Sri Lanka. Its superior design, coupled with advanced lighting capabilities, sets a new standard for professional lighting equipment. For those committed to elevating their visual storytelling, the PK-70 emerges as the quintessential tool, transforming ordinary shots into extraordinary masterpieces with each use.

Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light Key Features & Specifications:

  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI>95): Guarantees natural, lifelike color reproduction in all your shoots.
  • Adjustable Brightness & Color Temperature: Ranges from 3200K (warm) to 5600K (cool) to match any lighting condition.
  • Battery-Powered & AC Adapter Options: Ensures uninterrupted lighting, perfect for both studio and on-location shoots.
  • Durable Construction with Lightweight Design: Easy to mount on cameras, tripods, and light stands.
  • Wide Beam Angle: Offers a broad illumination range, ideal for wide shots and large areas.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: Includes special effects to mimic scenarios like lightning, TV screen, and SOS for creative filming.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: Keeps the light cool during extended use, prolonging its lifespan.

Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light package includes :

Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light only

Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light Plokama PK-70 Led Video Light Plokama PK-70 LED Video Light showcasing high CRI for natural color reproduction


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Number of LED Beads

49 pcs

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100g (without batteries & including the box)

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