Plokama PK-9950 Pro 1900mm Professional Tripod

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Includes : PK-9950 Pro 1900mm Professional Tripod only 


Unlock Precision Photography: Plokama PK-9950 Pro 1900mm Professional Tripod – Elevate Your Shots

Immerse yourself in the world of professional photography with the Plokama PK-9950 Pro, a 1900mm professional tripod that’s engineered to elevate your photography to unprecedented heights. Designed with both enthusiasts and professionals in mind in Sri Lanka, this tripod is a testament to precision engineering and robust construction. Its towering stature opens up an unparalleled range of angles and heights, ensuring that no shot is beyond your reach. Whether it’s capturing the dynamic streets of Colombo or the tranquil landscapes of the hill country, the PK-9950 Pro’s stability and flexibility make it the ideal companion for every photography venture.

The Plokama PK-9950 Pro isn’t just about height; it’s about the seamless integration of functionality and user-friendly features. With a quick-release plate, transitioning between shots and setups becomes effortless, allowing you to capture those fleeting moments with ease and precision. The tripod’s head is designed for smooth pan and tilt movements, making it perfect for video shooting as well. This level of control and smoothness ensures that your visuals are not just captured, but are brought to life with the kind of fluid motion that professional videography demands.

Durability is at the core of the PK-9950 Pro’s design. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, it strikes the perfect balance between lightweight portability and sturdy reliability. This tripod is built to withstand the rigors of travel and the demands of various shooting environments, from sandy beaches to rugged mountain terrains. Its weather-resistant features ensure that it remains your steadfast partner, come rain or shine, allowing you to explore and capture the beauty of Sri Lanka in all its diversity.

The versatility of the Plokama PK-9950 Pro is unmatched. It features adjustable leg angles and a multi-section column that provide flexibility in positioning, making it suitable for a wide range of photography genres, from landscape to architectural to portrait photography. This versatility ensures that whether you are shooting at eye level or aiming for a bird’s-eye view, the PK-9950 Pro adapts to your creative needs without compromise.

In addition to its functional excellence, the PK-9950 Pro prioritizes your comfort and ease of use. The Plokama PK-9950 Pro comes equipped with foam-padded legs, facilitating a comfortable grip in varying temperatures and making transportation a breeze. The inclusion of a hook for adding weight enhances its stability, especially in windy conditions, ensuring that your equipment remains secure no matter where your photography takes you.

The Plokama PK-9950 Pro stands as a beacon of professional-grade photography equipment, tailored for the discerning photographer in Sri Lanka. Its combination of height, durability, versatility, and user-centric design makes it not just a tool, but a trusted companion in your photographic journey. Whether you’re a professional seeking to push the boundaries of your craft or an enthusiast eager to explore the vast landscapes and vibrant cultures of Sri Lanka, the PK-9950 Pro is your gateway to capturing the essence of the moment with clarity, stability, and precision.

Plokama PK-9950 Pro 1900mm Professional Tripod Key Features & Specifications:

  • Extended Height: Reaches up to 1900mm, providing ample height for versatile shooting scenarios.
  • Material: Constructed with high-quality aluminum, offering durability while maintaining a lightweight profile.
  • Load Capacity: Can support up to 8kg, ideal for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and video cameras.
  • Leg Sections: Features 4-section legs with quick-release locks for easy and rapid height adjustments.
  • Head Type: Equipped with a fluid head for smooth pan and tilt movements, enhancing video shooting.
  • Folded Length: Compact when folded, measuring only 600mm for easy transportation.
  • Weight: Weighs approximately 3.5kg, balancing sturdiness with portability.
  • Additional Features: Includes a bubble level for precise alignment and a hook for adding weight for extra stability.

Plokama PK-9950 Pro 1900mm Professional Tripod package includes :

PK-9950 Pro 1900mm Professional Tripod only

Plokama PK-9950 Pro 1900mm Professional Tripod


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