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includes :1 x Portable Handheld Polariscope LED Flashlight only



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Buy Portable Handheld Polariscope LED Flashlight & Interference Ball for Gem Testing in Sri Lanka 

Discover the precision of gemological tools with our Portable Handheld Polariscope, now available in Sri Lanka for professional and amateur gemologists alike. With its LED flashlight and built-in interference ball, this gadget is a must-have for anyone in the jewelry industry or for those who cherish the true beauty of gemstones. The polariscope is engineered to test and analyze the optical properties of polished and rough gemstones with ease. This device simplifies the identification process by revealing birefringence and the optical axis of crystals, ensuring that every evaluation is as accurate as it is straightforward.

Constructed with high-quality optics glass and robust metal, this tool is designed for longevity and precise functionality. Its compact size (63x92mm) and lightweight design (109g) make it ideal for fieldwork or travel, fitting easily into any gemologist’s toolkit. The polariscope operates on CR2032 batteries, allowing for portability without the hassle of power cords. Batteries are sold separately in compliance with AliExpress regulations, allowing for easy international shipping.

Portable Handheld Polariscope Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • Objective Table: 28mm diameter for stable gem placement.
  • Power: Operated by 2x CR2032 batteries (not included).
  • Material: Premium optics glass and durable metal build.
  • Size & Weight: Compact (63x92mm), lightweight (109g).

Practical Uses:

The Portable Handheld Polariscope is an indispensable tool for professionals in the gemological field, as well as for enthusiasts passionate about the beauty and authenticity of gemstones. In practical scenarios, the device serves as a critical instrument for confirming the authenticity of gemstones. By allowing users to inspect stones for birefringence—an optical property that differentiates genuine crystals from fakes—it provides peace of mind for both buyers and sellers in the trade.

Beyond authenticity checks, the polariscope offers substantial benefits in the assessment of internal stress in gemstones. Stress within a crystal can indicate suboptimal cutting or treatment processes, which might affect the stone’s durability and value. By examining the interference patterns through the polariscope, one can detect these flaws and make informed decisions regarding the stone’s quality and suitability for jewelry.

Moreover, for gem cutters and craftsmen, this tool is invaluable in evaluating the precision of cuts in various gemstones. It helps ascertain that the facets align correctly to maximize brilliance and fire. This is crucial in high-quality jewelry making, where the cut’s quality can significantly influence the gem’s visual appeal and market worth.

Utilizing this polariscope, collectors and gemologists can ensure the stones in their care are of the highest quality. They can verify that the cutting process has not compromised the integrity of the gem and that their collection comprises only the finest specimens. This rigorous examination process not only enhances the value of their assortment but also upholds the high standards expected in the gemological world.

In educational settings, the polariscope acts as a hands-on teaching aid, allowing students to observe and understand the complex interactions of light within gemstones. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, making it a foundational tool in any gemology curriculum.

In essence, owning a Portable Handheld Polariscope signifies more than possessing a tool—it’s an investment in the enduring quality and authenticity of one’s gemstone collection, the craftsmanship of jewelry, and the trust instilled in the profession of gemology.

Work That Can Be Done:

Use this tool to determine the anisotropic nature of precious stones, identify synthetic counterparts, and ensure the integrity of your gemstone collection or products.

Portable Handheld Polariscope package includes 

1 x Portable Handheld Polariscope LED Flashlight only

Portable Handheld Polariscope Portable Handheld Polariscope Portable Handheld Polariscope


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