Professional Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor Eye Loupe 4 Lens

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Includes : 1 x Head Band Magnifier | 4 x Lens Plates(1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X) | 1 x User Manual



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Buy Professional 4-Lens Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor in Sri Lanka – Precision Loupe Tool

Unleash precision and efficiency in your intricate projects with Sri Lanka’s favorite – the Professional Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor Eye Loupe 4 Lens. Expertly crafted to cater to professionals and hobbyists alike, this state-of-the-art optical tool is a game-changer for anyone requiring magnification for detailed work. Featuring four interchangeable lenses with magnifications ranging from 1.5X to 3.5X, this headband magnifier is a must-have for enhancing visual accuracy. The robust, adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit for all head sizes, and the freedom of hands-free use increases productivity. With its sleek gray and blue design, lightweight construction, and optical-grade lenses, the Optivisor is a pinnacle of engineering designed for precision and comfort.

Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor Key Features and Main Specifications:

  1. Adjustable headband with a secure buckle
  2. Four optical glass lens plates (1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X)
  3. Hands-free magnification for precise tasks
  4. Lightweight and durable plastic construction
  5. Color: Stylish gray and blue
  6. Weight: 138g without packaging, 357g with packaging

Practical Uses

The Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor is the quintessential tool for professionals requiring precision in their craft. Jewelers in Sri Lanka can attest to its indispensable nature when it comes to intricate tasks like inspecting gemstones or setting delicate pieces. For watchmakers, this magnifier is a boon, bringing the smallest gears and springs into clear view for careful repairs or cleaning.

In the realm of electronics, where components are ever-shrinking, the Optivisor allows for meticulous soldering and circuit inspection, reducing eye strain and errors. Its hands-free design means you can manipulate tools and materials without juggling a handheld magnifier.

But the usefulness of the Optivisor extends beyond professional trades. Hobbyists find it to be an ally in creating detailed models, ensuring each miniature is painted to perfection with precision that the naked eye simply cannot offer. Artists, too, can observe the subtle play of light and shadow on their canvases, adding nuanced touches that elevate their work.

For crafting enthusiasts, whether it’s embroidery, quilting, or detailed woodworking, the Optivisor brings an ease to their labor of love. It facilitates the transformation of fine threads into intricate patterns and turns small beads into elaborate jewelry. For those who enjoy the art of miniature painting, the magnifier is a window into a tiny world, allowing for brush strokes that are as fine as a single hair.

Moreover, the Optivisor is a valuable aid for educational purposes. In classrooms or workshops where detailed work is taught, such as electronics or jewelry-making courses, it serves as an essential teaching aid, enabling students to observe and learn with much greater clarity.

In a nutshell, the Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor is not just a tool but a bridge to excellence for professionals and enthusiasts in Sri Lanka, elevating their work from the merely good to the truly extraordinary.

Work Potential with Item

The Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor equips you to perform a range of precision tasks such as jewelry setting, watch repair, and circuit board inspection. It’s also indispensable for artists and crafters for needlework, engraving, and coin stamping, making it a versatile tool in both professional and hobbyist workshops.

Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor package includes :

1 x Head Band Magnifier
4 x Lens Plates(1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X)
1 x User Manual

Head Wearing Magnifier Optivisor4 Interchangeable Lenses Optivisor for Detailed TasksBuy Professional Head Wearing Magnifier for Precision Work in Sri LankaOptical-Grade Glass Lens Magnifier with Adjustable Band


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Weight 0.357 kg
Dimensions 248 × 200 × 50 mm


1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X


Plastic & Optical Glass


248mm x 200mm x 50mm

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