Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch Home Controller – 4 Channel

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Includes : Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch  only


Revolutionize Your Home with the vSonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch – Control & Automate Effortlessly |

Transform your home into a smart living paradise with the Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch Home Controller. As the pinnacle of home automation technology available in Sri Lanka, this remarkable device transcends traditional switches to deliver a comprehensive control system right at your fingertips. The Sonoff 4Ch R3 is engineered not just to obey your commands but to anticipate your needs, offering seamless integration with your daily life.

Crafted with precision and user experience in mind, the Sonoff 4Ch R3 allows you to command your household appliances with minimal effort. Whether it’s turning off the lights from the comfort of your bed or starting your coffee machine on your way home, the Sonoff 4Ch R3 offers unparalleled control. Its cutting-edge technology enables you to create schedules that sync perfectly with your rhythm, ensuring your home operates as efficiently as you do.

Security and convenience go hand in hand with the Sonoff 4Ch R3. With its robust build and smart functionality, you can enhance your home’s safety by monitoring and managing devices even when you’re not there. Imagine being able to simulate occupancy for security or turning off the iron you accidentally left on; this smart switch makes it possible.

Dive into the versatility of the Sonoff 4Ch R3 with its capability to manage four channels independently. This means each channel can be customized to control different devices or groups of devices, making it an essential for those who love having detailed control over their home environment. The intuitive app interface facilitates a straightforward setup and easy operation, ensuring that managing your home’s electrical devices is as simple as a single tap.

Adaptability is a cornerstone of the Sonoff 4Ch R3, with its design catering to the diverse requirements of modern homes. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it brings voice control into the equation, providing a hands-free experience that is both futuristic and incredibly convenient. Integration with smart assistants takes your home automation to the next level.

Join the ranks of smart homeowners in Sri Lanka with the Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch Home Controller. It’s an investment in both innovation and peace of mind. Don’t just chase the future; define it. Bring home the Sonoff 4Ch R3 and experience the revolution of smart living today.

Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch Key Features & Main Specifications:

  • Remote access via app for lights/devices
  • Three working modes: self-locking, interlock, inching
  • Scheduling and timer functionalities
  • Smart scene triggers and voice control compatibility
  • DIN rail-mounted design for easy installation
  • Real-time status sync and shared control options
  • Independent control for four channels
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch pckage includes :

Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch only

Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch Home Controller – 4 Channel Sonoff 4Ch R3 Smart Switch Home Controller – 4 Channel


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