Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller

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Includes : Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller only


Maximize Control with Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller – Smart Integration Unleashed

Enhance your living space with the unparalleled sophistication of the Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller, a marvel of modern engineering that transforms the very essence of convenience in Sri Lankan homes. This remote is a harmonious fusion of avant-garde design and cutting-edge technology, encapsulating the essence of convenience. It’s not merely a tool but a lifestyle upgrade, designed to mesh seamlessly with an array of Sonoff devices. The Sonoff RF433 remote redefines the concept of ‘smart living’, blending seamlessly into the life of the contemporary, technology-driven individual. It’s a symbol of efficiency, enabling the management of your electronic devices with unmatched ease.

Crafted with an intuitive understanding of the user’s needs, the Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller is a testament to design excellence. The sleek, ergonomic form factor is a nod to those who appreciate minimalism, as well as robust functionality. It’s equipped with a smart sliding cover that guards against unintended commands, thus preventing any mishaps that might disrupt your harmonious home environment. The tactile buttons are laid out for intuitive control, ensuring that managing your home devices is as simple as it is reliable.

Dive into the world of seamless automation with this universal remote’s quick and easy setup process. It is designed to ‘learn’ from your existing remotes, enabling you to clone their functions swiftly, typically in under thirty seconds. This swift integration means no lengthy manuals or complicated pairing procedures. It’s straightforward and user-friendly, embodying the true spirit of plug-and-play functionality. Whether you’re looking to control lights, fans, or entertainment systems, the Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller places command at your fingertips.

The Sonoff RF433 remote extends its reach with a powerful signal that penetrates walls and barriers, ensuring your command is heard loud and clear up to 20 meters away in open spaces. This broad range liberates you from the need to be in the direct line of sight of your devices, offering you the freedom to control your home from almost anywhere within it. Picture the ease with which you can adjust your living room ambiance without stepping away from the comfort of your bed – that’s the promise of Sonoff’s cutting-edge remote controller.

The resilient build of the Sonoff RF433 remote is a blend of premium metal and high-strength plastic, designed to withstand the test of time and usage. Its durability ensures that your investment remains protected, making it a reliable addition to your tech arsenal. Moreover, the remote’s intelligent design guarantees that it remains lightweight and portable, with a handy keychain slot that makes it as mobile as you are – always at hand for whenever you need it.

Imagine a home where every device works in harmony, orchestrated by the touch of a single button. The Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller is the maestro of this symphony, a conduit to a more convenient, controlled, and connected lifestyle. Embrace the future of home automation with this sophisticated device, and step into a world where technology bends to your will, simplifying and enhancing every aspect of your home life. With the Sonoff RF433 remote, your smart home is just a click away, embodying the epitome of convenience and control.

Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller 433 Mhz Key Features and Main Specifications

  • Smart Design: Modern aesthetics with a slide cover to protect buttons, preventing accidental presses.
  • Universal Compatibility: Operate multiple Sonoff devices, ensuring seamless home automation.
  • Easy Configuration: Quick coding with original remotes, supporting multiple encodings.
  • Extended Reach: Control devices up to 20 meters away in open areas.
  • Robust Build: Durable metal and plastic construction designed for longevity.

Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller 433 Mhz package includes :

1 x Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Controller 433 Mhz only

Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote Sonoff Wireless Universal RF433 Remote


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Frequency Range



5.5*3 *1.8cm


Metal + Plastic

External Power Supply

1* 12V 27A Batteries (not included)

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