SoundCraft EFX12: Professional 12-Channel Mixer | SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer – EFX12

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Discover the SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer designed for unmatched audio performance. Featuring the GB30 Mic amp, 24-bit Lexicon effects, and versatile connectivity, it’s perfect for any audio setting. Its user-friendly interface and robust build make it a top choice for audio professionals



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SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer – EFX12: Unveiling the SoundCraft EFX12, a Masterpiece in Audio Mixing

Introducing the SoundCraft EFX12, a flagship in the SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer – EFX12 series, designed to cater to the highest standards of audio professionals. This 12-channel mixer combines exceptional sound quality with an easy-to-use interface, marking it as a top choice for studios and live performances alike.

Exceptional Audio Clarity with GB30 Mic Amp

At the core of the SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer superior performance is the highly-transparent GB30 Mic amp, engineered by the renowned Graham Blythe. This innovative feature captures every subtle nuance of sound, delivering a crisp, clear, and dynamic audio experience that sets new standards in audio mixing.

Lexicon Digital Effects Processor: Crafting Your Sound

Equipped with a 24-bit Lexicon digital effects processor, the EFX12 offers a range of 32 effects settings, allowing you to craft unique and rich audio landscapes. The mixer’s Tap Tempo and FX setting store function enable you to customize and recall your settings effortlessly, adding a layer of versatility to your audio production.

Versatile Connectivity for Diverse Applications

The SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer – EFX12 boasts extensive connectivity options, including XLR and ¼” metal jack connector sockets, and RCA phono inputs and outputs. This versatility ensures seamless integration with a variety of audio sources, making the EFX12 ideal for diverse audio mixing scenarios.

Join the Legacy: Why Choose the SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer – EFX12

When you choose the SoundCraft EFX12, you’re not just selecting a mixer; you’re embracing a legacy of unparalleled audio excellence. This mixer, a prominent member of the SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer – EFX12 series, represents the pinnacle of sound engineering, blending cutting-edge technology with user-centric design to deliver an audio experience that is both profound and unmatched.

Intuitive Design and Robust Construction

Reflecting SoundCraft’s commitment to build quality, the EFX12 is not only intuitive in its control layout but also boasts a sturdy construction.Whether used in a fixed studio setup or a mobile rig, its durable design ensures it stands up to the demands of professional use.

Unmatched Audio Fidelity The EFX12 isn’t just about robust features; it’s about delivering a sound that captures the heart and soul of your music. Whether you’re mixing for a live concert, recording in a studio, or crafting the perfect sound for an event, the EFX12 ensures that every note is not just heard, but felt.

Tailored to Your Mixing Needs

With features like a configurable auxiliary bus, TRS insert sockets, and a custom Karaoke preset, the EFX12 is customizable to fit any audio environment. Its comprehensive control options, including a 3-band EQ and ten-segment LED output metering, provide you with complete control over your mix.

Join the Ranks of SoundCraft Professionals

By choosing the SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer, you’re not just selecting a mixer; you’re embracing a legacy of unparalleled audio excellence. Known for their premium quality and innovative design, SoundCraft mixers, particularly the EFX12, are revered in the world of professional audio.

Experience the Excellence of the EFX12

Visit today and step into the world of professional audio with the SoundCraft 12 Channel Mixer – EFX12. The EFX12 is more than just a mixer; it’s a gateway to unmatched audio quality and creative freedom.


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