Ugreen 20277 4-port Usb 2.0 Hub 480mbps

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Includes : Ugreen 20277 4-port USB 2.0 Hub only


Unlock High-Speed Connectivity: Ugreen 20277 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub – Essential for Multi-Device Users

The Ugreen 20277 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub stands as a cornerstone of efficiency and versatility for tech aficionados and individuals who juggle multiple devices in Sri Lanka. This meticulously engineered, compact hub is a powerhouse of connectivity, effortlessly converting a singular USB 2.0 port into four expansive ports. It caters to a wide array of peripherals, including keyboards, mice, printers, and external storage devices. Its hallmark feature, a swift data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps, facilitates rapid file exchanges and synchronization tasks. This blend of speed and utility positions the Ugreen 20277 as a quintessential tool for both the professional sphere and personal endeavors.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the modern, multi-device user, the Ugreen 20277 USB Hub emphasizes ease of use and compatibility. Its plug-and-play functionality eradicates the need for additional drivers, offering a seamless integration with a variety of operating systems and devices. This straightforward approach ensures that users can enhance their connectivity without navigating complex installation processes. The hub’s universal compatibility makes it a versatile companion for a broad spectrum of USB-enabled devices, reinforcing its status as an indispensable gadget in any tech enthusiast’s arsenal.

The compact and sleek design of the Ugreen 20277 USB Hub is not just about aesthetics; it’s a testament to its portability and practicality. Despite its small footprint, the hub does not compromise on performance, making it an ideal travel companion for professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s for setting up a mobile office or for leisure activities like gaming and media consumption, the hub fits effortlessly into any setup, ensuring that your devices stay connected wherever you go.

Durability is another cornerstone of the Ugreen 20277 USB Hub’s design philosophy. Constructed with high-quality materials, it is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, safeguarding your investment in the long term. This durability, coupled with its high-speed connectivity and multi-port functionality, makes the Ugreen 20277 a reliable hub that users can depend on for their most critical tasks and entertainment needs.

The Ugreen 20277 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub is more than just an accessory; it’s a vital component for anyone looking to expand their device’s connectivity in Sri Lanka. With its high-speed data transfer, ease of use, portability, durability, and broad device compatibility, it stands out as an essential tool for enhancing productivity and convenience in our increasingly digital world. Whether for work, play, or anything in between, the Ugreen 20277 USB Hub is a smart investment for anyone looking to streamline their tech setup.

Ugreen 20277 4-port Usb 2.0 Hub 480mbps Key Features & Main Specifications:

  • High-Speed Data Transfer: Offers a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps for quick file sharing and syncing.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of USB devices, including keyboards, mice, printers, and external hard drives.
  • Plug and Play: No drivers required, making it easy to use with any compatible device.
  • Compact and Portable Design: Its small size makes it easy to carry, perfect for travel and office use.
  • Durable Build: Made with high-quality materials to ensure reliability and long-term use.

Ugreen 20277 4-port Usb 2.0 Hub 480mbps package includes :

1 x Ugreen 20277 4-port USB 2.0 Hub only

Ugreen 20277 4-port Usb 2.0 Hub 480mbps Ugreen 20277 4-port Usb 2.0 Hub 480mbps


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USB 2.0


4 x USB 2.0 Ports

Cable Length


Input voltage

‎5 Volts

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