Vega Electric Projector Screen 4:03 100″ (80″X60″)

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Includes : 1 x Vega Electric Projector Screen



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Vega Electric Projector Screen 100 Inch (80″X60″)- Superior Viewing Experience in Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in the ultimate cinematic experience with the Vega Electric Projector Screen 100″ 4:03 (80″X60″). Perfectly crafted for movie enthusiasts and professionals in Sri Lanka, this high-quality projector screen is designed to bring your visual presentations to life. With its expansive 100-inch diagonal display and a 4:3 aspect ratio, it provides a vast viewing area that enhances your multimedia content, making it ideal for home theaters, conference rooms, and educational settings.

The Vega Electric Projector Screen boasts a smooth, matte white surface that ensures vivid and sharp images. Its electric motor mechanism allows for easy and quiet operation, with the ability to retract the screen when not in use, preserving its pristine condition. The screen’s black borders frame the viewing area, enhancing contrast and creating a more focused and immersive viewing experience.

Vega Electric Projector Screen 4:03 100″ (80″X60″) Key Features and Specifications

  • Size: 100 inches diagonal (80″ width x 60″ height)
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3, suitable for standard presentations and videos
  • Motorized operation with remote control for easy opening and closing
  • Matte white screen material for superior image quality
  • Black border for increased contrast and better image focus
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Suitable for various settings: home theaters, schools, offices

Practical Uses in the Real World 

The Vega Electric Projector Screen is versatile, serving multiple purposes across different environments. In a home theater setup, it transforms your living space into a cinematic paradise, perfect for movie nights with family and friends. For educational institutions, it enhances the learning experience, enabling a clear display of educational content and interactive media. Businesses benefit from this screen in boardrooms and conference halls, where it aids in delivering impactful presentations and video conferences, ensuring that content is displayed crisply to all attendees. Its ease of use, with remote-controlled operation, means that it can be used effectively in various scenarios without the need for technical expertise. The screen’s size and quality also make it suitable for public screenings, community events, or outdoor movie nights, providing entertainment and information to larger audiences.

Work that can be done with the item:

The Vega Projector Screen is versatile, and suitable for movie nights, educational lectures, business presentations, gaming sessions, and virtual meetings. Its large size and quality surface make it ideal for detailed architectural and engineering drawings, enhancing clarity and detail visibility.

Vega Electric Projector Screen 4:03 100″ (80″X60″) package includes :

1 x Vega Electric Projector Screen

Vega Electric Projector Screen 4:03 100" (80"X60") Vega Electric Projector Screen 4:03 100" (80"X60")


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Display Size

100 inches (80"x60")

Aspect Ratio


Screen Type

Electric motorized

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