Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet (70″x70″)

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Includes : 1 x Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet (70″x70″)

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Premium 6 Feet Wall-Mounted Projector Screen – Buy for High-Definition Visuals in Sri Lanka

Delve into the realm of crystal-clear visuals with the Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet, your ideal companion for educational, professional, and entertainment excellence in Sri Lanka. With its vast 70″x70″ expanse, this manual pull-down screen ushers in a new era of visual presentations, embracing both functionality and elegance. Crafted with a matte white fabric that heightens color precision and radiance, this projector screen asserts its dominance in clarity and contrast, bringing your images to life. From the fluid pull-down mechanism that boasts swift operation to the steadfast wall-mounted design ensuring unwavering stability, every aspect is designed with the user in mind. Built to endure, the materials selected for its creation promise longevity, resisting wear and tear, while maintaining an ease of cleanliness unmatched in its category. Enticing to educational institutes, corporate boardrooms, and the avid cinephile, thisWall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 not only epitomizes visual excellence but integrates effortlessly into any setting, enhancing Sri Lanka’s quest for quality in projection.

Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet (70″x70″) Key Features & Main Specifications:

  • 70″x70″ viewing area
  • Matte white screen fabric
  • Manual pull-down mechanism
  • Reliable locking system
  • Easy wall-mount installation
  • Durable and cleanable material
  • Suitable for various settings

Practical Uses :

Embark on a journey through images with the Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet, an indispensable asset in transforming any space into a dynamic environment. In the educational sphere, this screen is a beacon of knowledge, where each slide and video is a building block in the fortress of learning. Professors and students alike can revel in the clarity that brings complex subjects into sharp focus, facilitating a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Transition to the corporate world, where precision in communication is key. This projector screen becomes the cornerstone of professionalism, showcasing crisp graphs and vibrant presentations that resonate with clarity and influence decision-making. Businesses can craft a narrative that captivates stakeholders, ensuring that each meeting is not just heard but visually impactful.

For creative souls, this Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet is more than an object; it is a window to artistic expression. Art galleries and exhibitions use it to present digital masterpieces, making every pixel tell a story. It’s an invitation to artists to project their vision onto a larger canvas, where viewers can immerse themselves in the beauty of digital artistry.

The home theater experience is revolutionized with this screen, transforming living rooms into cinematic realms. Families gather, sharing moments of joy as their favorite characters come to life in full scale, enhancing bonds over blockbuster hits and indie gems. It’s a centerpiece for entertainment, where every movie night is an event anticipated by all ages.

Furthermore, for the entrepreneurs and innovators who stream and share content, this Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet serves as a vital tool. It facilitates an interactive backdrop for webinars, live sessions, and tutorials, connecting them with a global audience in a format that’s professional and polished.

In every setting, the Wall Mounted Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet stands as a testament to the fusion of technology and daily life. It’s not just about viewing; it’s about experiencing, learning, and connecting in a world that’s increasingly visual. With each use, it reaffirms its role as an essential instrument in the symphony of visual communication.

Work that can be done with the item:

This projector screen is a catalyst for professional presentations, educational lectures, immersive gaming, and cinematic experiences at home. It facilitates a multitude of activities where visual excellence is paramount.

Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet (70"x70") Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 6 Feet (70"x70")


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Weight 7 kg

Screen Size

6 feet (70"x70")


Manual pull-down


Easy to Clean Surface

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