Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8×6 Feet (96″x73″)

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Includes : 1 x Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8×6 Feet

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Premium Wall Mounted Projector Screen 8×6 Feet – Enhance Your Viewing Experience in Sri Lanka

Embrace an unparalleled viewing experience with the Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8×6 Feet, measuring a grand 8×6 feet (96″x73″), ideal for both commercial and home entertainment in Sri Lanka. Designed with superior-quality fabric, this manual projector screen boasts vivid color reproduction and impeccable clarity, ensuring an immersive viewing session. Its smooth retractable mechanism allows for easy setup and storage, catering to diverse spaces and user needs. With a wide viewing angle, it accommodates large audiences, making it perfect for presentations, movie nights, and educational purposes.

Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8×6 Feet Key Features and Specifications:

    • Size: 8×6 feet (96″x73″)
    • Manual operation with smooth retractable mechanism
    • High-quality fabric for vivid color reproduction and clarity
    • Wide viewing angle suitable for larger audiences
    • Easy to install and store, fitting various spaces
    • Ideal for HD, 3D, and 4K projection

Practical Uses:

The Wall Mounted Projector Screen is an indispensable asset across various environments, blending seamlessly with professional, educational, and leisure activities. In the corporate realm, it serves as a pivotal tool, magnifying the impact of presentations, enriching training sessions, and streamlining video conferences with its expansive, crystal-clear display. The screen’s size and clarity ensure that every detail is visible to the audience, thereby enhancing communication and comprehension during corporate events.

Educational institutions, from schools to colleges, find immense value in this projector screen. It revolutionizes traditional teaching methods by facilitating interactive and engaging lessons. The screen’s adaptability allows educators to employ multimedia resources effectively, thereby enriching the learning experience and capturing students’ attention. Its presence in classrooms or lecture halls transforms mundane lectures into dynamic learning sessions, making education more appealing and accessible.

For home entertainment, this screen is a game-changer. It converts any room into a mini-theater, providing families and friends with a cinematic experience right in their living space. Whether it’s movie nights, gaming marathons, or live sports events, the projector screen delivers an immersive viewing experience, making every moment memorable. Its high-quality display ensures that viewers enjoy crisp and vibrant visuals, bringing content to life.

The screen’s design emphasizes user-friendliness and versatility, making it suitable for various settings and purposes. Its manual operation and easy installation mean that it can be quickly set up or stored, providing flexibility and convenience to users. Whether it’s for a professional presentation, an educational session, or leisurely viewing, the screen’s functionality remains uncompromised.

Moreover, the projector screen’s adaptability extends to outdoor settings, where it can be used for community events, open-air cinemas, or social gatherings, offering entertainment and information sharing on a larger scale. This feature underscores the screen’s ability to cater to a wide audience, making it a valuable tool for public engagements and entertainment.

In conclusion, the Wall Mounted Projector Screen is more than just an accessory; it’s a transformative tool that enhances experiences across various domains. Its integration into professional, educational, and home settings illustrates its versatility and value, making it a must-have for those seeking a comprehensive and dynamic viewing solution.

Work and Activities:

From professional presentations to thrilling home cinema experiences, this projector screen adapts to various activities. It’s ideal for displaying multimedia content, including slideshows, videos, and live streams. Educators can use it for interactive lessons or virtual classrooms, enhancing student engagement. For event organizers, it’s a reliable tool for exhibitions, seminars, or public screenings, providing a high-quality display platform.

Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8×6 Feet package includes :

1 x Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8×6 Feet

Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8x6 Feet (96″x73″) Wall Mounted Projector Screen Manual 8x6 Feet (96″x73″)


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Weight 6 kg

Screen Size

8×6 feet (96"x73")

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High-quality fabric

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