Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor And Doorbell or Chime

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Includes : 1 x Wireless Infrared PIR Motion | 1 x Receiver


Ultimate Security Alert: Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor & Doorbell – Enhance Your Home’s Safety

Elevate your home’s security and aesthetic appeal simultaneously with the Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor and Doorbell, now available for those in Sri Lanka seeking top-notch safety measures. This cutting-edge device is not just a gadget but a comprehensive solution designed to alert homeowners instantly upon detecting motion. Its advanced infrared technology ensures that your home remains safeguarded against potential intruders, providing you with unmatched peace of mind. Whether day or night, the sensor’s high sensitivity ensures timely alerts, making it an indispensable tool for every household.

The beauty of this wireless sensor lies in its versatility and ease of installation. Homeowners can effortlessly integrate this device into their existing home setup without the need for complex wiring or professional help. Its sleek design complements any home décor, ensuring that your security measures do not interfere with the aesthetic charm of your living space. The device’s adaptability extends beyond just its looks; it offers a wide range of applications from acting as a simple door chime to a comprehensive security alert system, making it suitable for various homeowner needs.

One of the most compelling features of the Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor and Doorbell is its customizable chime options. This functionality allows homeowners to personalize their experience by selecting the sound that best suits their preference, ensuring the alert is both pleasant and noticeable. Moreover, the device’s adjustable volume feature ensures that the chime is audible, regardless of your home’s size or layout, making it a flexible option for every Sri Lankan home.

Durability and reliability are at the core of this device’s design. Crafted to withstand the varying climatic conditions of Sri Lanka, the sensor is built to offer long-lasting performance. Its weather-resistant capabilities ensure that the device operates flawlessly, whether placed indoors or outdoors. This durability, combined with the sensor’s long battery life, guarantees that homeowners can rely on their security system without constant maintenance or battery replacements.

Another significant advantage of this wireless sensor is its wide detection range. Capable of sensing movement up to 7 meters away at a 110-degree angle, it provides extensive coverage of your premises. This ensures that any movement within this range is promptly detected and alerted, offering comprehensive protection against potential threats. Whether installed at your front door, hallway, or any strategic location, its expansive detection capability enhances your home security manifold.

The Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor and Doorbell represent a perfect blend of technology, convenience, and reliability for homeowners in Sri Lanka. Its easy installation, wide range of features, and durable design make it an essential addition to any home looking to enhance security measures. By choosing this advanced gadget, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their home is protected, without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of their living space. This device is not just a security measure; it’s a smart investment in your family’s safety and well-being.

Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor And Doorbell or Chime Key Features and Main Specifications

  • Effortless Installation: No wires, easy setup within minutes.
  • Wide Detection Range: Up to 7 meters at a 110-degree angle.
  • Selectable Chimes: Choose from multiple chime options for your doorbell.
  • Long Battery Life: Energy-efficient design for prolonged use.
  • High Sensitivity: Quick response to motion, day or night.
  • Adjustable Volume: Tailor the doorbell volume to your preference.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the elements, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor And Doorbell or Chime package includes :

1 x Wireless Infrared PIR Motion
1 x Receiver

Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor And Doorbell or Chime Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor And Doorbell or Chime Wireless Infrared PIR Motion Sensor And Doorbell or Chime


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