Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable

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Includes : Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable


High-Quality Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable for Superior Connectivity in Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in the realm of pristine audio with the Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable, a paramount choice for audiophiles and professional sound engineers in Sri Lanka. Meticulously designed to bridge your microphones and audio interfaces with unparalleled clarity, this cable is an indispensable ally in your audio setup.

With its studio-grade quality, the Boya XLR-C3 promises a silent yet robust connection, ensuring that every nuance of sound is captured and transmitted with the utmost fidelity. The durability of this cable is unmatched, crafted for the rigors of both studio recording and live broadcasting. Its heavy-duty construction boasts inner and outer protective RF shielding, complemented by a 24-gauge stranded copper conductor, guaranteeing minimal signal loss and maximum transfer.

The cable features dual copper outer shields along with twin conductive PVC inner shields that provide 100% coverage, maintaining the purity of your audio signal against any interference. Professional connectors at both ends secure superior signal integrity, while the heavy-duty PVC jacket ensures resilience in the toughest of uses. For additional reliability, all solder points are shrink-wrapped for protection, making the Boya XLR-C3 a paragon of durability.

Whether it’s connecting a microphone to a mixer or interfacing with a preamp, this cable stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship and audio performance. Keywords: Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable, Buy in Sri Lanka, Superior Audio Quality, Durable, Professional Sound.

Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable Key Features and Main Specifications

  • Dual copper outer shields and conductive PVC inner shields
  • Professional-grade connectors for signal integrity
  • Heavy-duty PVC jacket and shrink-wrapped solder points
  • 24-gauge stranded copper conductors for excellent signal transfer

Practical Uses 

The Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable is a versatile asset that seamlessly fits into various audio environments. For recording artists in Sri Lanka, it offers a reliable link between their microphones and recording devices, ensuring that every lyric and chord is transmitted with clarity. Sound technicians at live events will appreciate its robust build, capable of withstanding the hustle of rapid setups and tear-downs. In broadcast situations, the cable’s RF shielding is pivotal for a clear transmission free from the bane of radio frequency interference. This cable not only excels in function but also in enhancing the fidelity of every performance it’s part of, making it a critical component in the toolbox of every audio professional.

Work with the Item

  • Recording studios for connecting various audio equipment
  • Live sound setups for performances and events
  • Broadcasting stations for clear audio transmissions
  • Musicians and sound engineers who require reliable equipment

Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable package includes :

1 x Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable only

Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable1 x Boya XLR-C3 Audio Adapter Cable only


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