NITECORE GEM10UV Light Gem Torch

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Includes : 1 x NITECORE GEM10UV | 1 x Holster | 1 x Lanyard | 1 x Spare o-ring



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High-Precision NITECORE GEM10UV – Ultraviolet Gem Identification Torch in Sri Lanka

Embark on a journey of precision with the NITECORE GEM10UV UV Light Gem Torch, your indispensable tool for gemstone verification and expert valuation, now available in Sri Lanka. With its state-of-the-art ultraviolet LED, this torch is engineered for professionals in the gem industry, providing a maximum brightness of 3000 mW at 365nm wavelength that promises to reveal the true essence of precious stones.

The robust design boasts a peak beam distance that cuts through the dark, coupled with an IPX8 rating, ensuring it remains unyielded by water even when submerged up to 2 meters. Lightweight and sleek, the GEM10UV measures only 5.31 inches in length and weighs a mere 2.34 ounces, making it an effortlessly portable device for on-the-go examinations.

Its compatibility with various power sources, including 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, ensures that you never run out of charge, providing up to a remarkable 500 hours of runtime on ultralow mode. The turbo mode unleashes its full potential, delivering intense illumination for the most demanding tasks.

With infinite brightness control, adjust the luminescence to your precise requirement, a feature particularly beneficial for detailed inspection of jewels. The GEM10UV is more than just a light source; it is a testament to NITECORE’s commitment to providing specialized equipment that stands the test of time and rigors of professional use.

NITECORE GEM10UV UV Light Gem Torch Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • Powerful UV LED with 3000 mW maximum brightness at 365nm
  • IPX8 Waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters
  • Impact resistance of 1 meter
  • Dimensions: 5.31″x0.62″x0.62″, Weight: 2.34oz
  • Up to 500 hours runtime on a rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with 18650, CR123, and RCR123 batteries

Practical UsesĀ 

The NITECORE GEM10UV UV Light Gem Torch emerges as a vital instrument in the armory of jewelry professionals, gemologists, and quality assurance experts. Designed to assure the genuineness and quality of precious stones, this device becomes indispensable in various settings. Its lightweight and compact form factor is tailored for portability, enabling users to carry it effortlessly to various locations, from bustling trade shows to the quiet focus of a lab.

In trade exhibitions, where time is of the essence, and the need to swiftly verify the authenticity of gems is paramount, the GEM10UV stands out as a reliable partner. The extended battery life ensures that professionals can conduct thorough inspections throughout the day without the need for constant recharging. Its robust construction coupled with water and impact resistance means that the rigors of travel and constant handling will not compromise its performance.

In laboratories, the precision of the ultraviolet light reveals the hidden characteristics of gemstones, aiding in detailed analysis and appraisal. The GEM10UV is also essential for on-site valuations and inspections, ensuring that professionals can make informed decisions and maintain the integrity of their work. For forensic applications, its ability to detect microscopic details is unparalleled, making it a key tool in investigative and verification processes.

Overall, the GEM10UV UV Light Gem Torch is more than just an accessory; it is a fundamental resource for those who demand accuracy, efficiency, and dependability in gemstone authentication and evaluation.

Work Potential with Item

Utilize the GEM10UV for tasks such as amber and diamond identification, forensic analysis, currency verification, and any scenario that requires the unique properties of ultraviolet light to detect details invisible to the naked eye.

NITECORE GEM10UV UV Light Gem Torch package includes :

1 x Holster
1 x Lanyard
1 x Spare o-ring

Authentic NITECORE GEM10UV Ultraviolet Light for Gem Identification Waterproof NITECORE GEM10UV UV Light in Sri Lanka Waterproof NITECORE GEM10UV UV Light in Sri Lanka Waterproof NITECORE GEM10UV UV Light in Sri Lanka


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Weight 0.066 kg



Maximum Brightness

3000 mW/365nm


IPX8 (2m submersible)



Net Weight



18650 Li-ion, CR123, RCR123

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