Gem Refractometer with detachable Light Source

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Includes : 1 x  Gem refractometer | 1 x The flashlight | 1 x  3×1.5v button battery | 1 x  Refractive index reference| 1 x  The instruction



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Gem Refractometer with Detachable Light Source

Embrace unmatched precision in gem evaluation with Sri Lanka’s esteemed Gem Refractometer, featuring an easily detachable light source for the discerning gemologist. A marriage of advanced technology and simplicity, it offers swift, pinpoint measurements of refractive indices, critical for appraising and identifying diverse gemstones. Its broad measuring spectrum of 1.30-1.81 RI, combined with a fine accuracy of 0.01 nD, guarantees thoroughness in each analysis. Esteemed by jewelry professionals, this compact tool is essential for accurate valuation and authentication of precious stones, solidifying its status as a vital instrument in the gemological arena.

Gem Refractometer with detachable Light Source Key Features and Main Specifications:

  • Measuring Range: 1.30-1.81 RI
  • Accuracy: 0.01 nD
  • Illumination: Detachable, Internal LED
  • Size: 3070130mm
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Scale Division: 0.01 nD
  • Power Source: 3 x 1.5V button LR-44 batteries

Practical Uses:

The Gem Refractometer stands as a cornerstone in the jewelry appraisal world, distinguishing itself as an indispensable tool for precision in gemstone valuation. This exceptional device, embraced by professionals in Sri Lanka and beyond, allows for the meticulous differentiation of gemstones, serving not only as a measure of quality but also as an essential aid in identifying the myriad of precious stones that come through an expert’s hands.

With its broad measuring range of 1.30 to 1.81 RI, the refractometer caters to a wide variety of gemstones, enabling jewelers to pinpoint their properties with an extraordinary accuracy of 0.01 nD. This precision is vital in an industry where the true value of a gemstone can pivot on the smallest of details.

The instrument’s ease of use is unparalleled. A detachable LED light source provides clear, consistent illumination, a critical component for accurate readings. The device is thoughtfully designed, with a compact and portable build, allowing gemologists to carry it effortlessly from the lab to the field.

Furthermore, this refractometer is not just about performance but also about efficiency. It operates on readily available LR-44 batteries, ensuring that it can be used continuously without the need for frequent power source changes. The incorporation of a polarizing filter enhances the clarity of readings, making it easier for jewelers to deliver swift appraisals.

In practice, the Gem Refractometer is a reflection of Sri Lanka’s commitment to quality in the gem and jewelry industry. It is the embodiment of precision and reliability, offering jewelers a level of confidence in their assessments that was previously unattainable. For the discerning gemologist who demands accuracy, ease, and efficiency, there is no better choice than this gem

Work That Can Be Done:

Determine the refractive index of gems, differentiate between single and double refractive stones, and ascertain the uniaxial or biaxial nature of crystals.

Gem Refractometer with detachable Light Source package includes :

1 x  Gem refractometer.
2 x The flashlight
3 x  3×1.5v button battery.
4 x  Refractive index reference.
5 x  The instruction


Professional Grade Gem Refractometer for Jewelry Industry High Precision Gem Refractometer with Clear Display Compact and Portable Gem Refractometer in Use


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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 130 × 30 × 70 mm

Measurement range

1.30 ~ 1.81RI.

Minimum dividing value

Minimum dividing value



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