Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime

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Includes : Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime only


Enhanced-Security Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime Alarm Doorbell for Homes & Offices – Ultimate Reliability

Embark on a journey to enhanced peace of mind with the revolutionary Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Security Protection Alarm Doorbell. Boasting cutting-edge technology, this indispensable security device is now ready to fortify the homes and businesses of Sri Lanka. Its versatility is unmatched, making it an essential addition to any property looking to bolster its defenses against intrusions. The device’s wireless nature signifies a new era of convenience, allowing for a straightforward setup that’s free from the hassles of intricate wiring, making it a perfect match for the busy, modern lifestyle.

The design of this alarm doorbell marries elegance with functionality, offering a discreet yet powerful tool for your security arsenal. Its unobtrusive profile blends seamlessly into any architectural aesthetic while providing robust surveillance capabilities. You can customize your security experience with its trio of modes: a welcoming voice mode, a melodic music mode, and a vigilant alarm mode. Each setting is easily adjustable to cater to the varying needs of your day-to-day life, ensuring that your premises remain guarded while maintaining the ambiance you desire.

In the heart of this device lies a precise PIR motion sensor, engineered to detect any activity with impeccable accuracy. The added benefit of the flashing blue light means that any movement will trigger a visual as well as an auditory alert, keeping you informed and ready to respond. This feature is particularly useful in noisy environments where an audio alert alone may go unnoticed. Whether you are dealing with unwelcome visitors or simply receiving guests, this doorbell puts control firmly in your hands.

Safety should never be a compromise, and this Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm Doorbell stands as a testament to that belief. It’s not just a product; it’s an investment in the security and safety of what matters most. The alarm’s continuous sound for 15 seconds upon detection deters potential intruders while alerting you to take action. This assertive approach to security is a proactive step towards safeguarding your sanctuary.

Moreover, this device does not solely serve as a guardian of personal spaces but also as an efficient assistant. In the bustling commercial spaces of Sri Lanka, from cafes to boutiques, it can manage the flow of customers by signaling entry, allowing staff to maintain better service without constant vigilance on the door. It is an assistant that works tirelessly, ensuring that your attention can be devoted to where it truly matters – your business and clientele.

The Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Security Protection Alarm Doorbell is more than just a product; it’s a reliable companion in the pursuit of a secure and serene environment. Its presence in your home or office in Sri Lanka symbolizes a commitment to state-of-the-art security, offering a sophisticated, user-friendly solution that stands vigilant so you can live and work with ease. Embrace the future of security with this exceptional device, and step into a world where safety and sophistication go hand in hand.

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime Key Features and Main Specifications

  • Motion Detection: Advanced PIR sensor technology to detect movement effectively.
  • Multiple Modes: Voice, music, and alarm modes with adjustable volume.
  • Power Options: Battery-operated with a 3*AA battery compartment; supports 9-15V power adapter.
  • Easy Installation: Standalone, all-in-one chime alarm that can be installed anywhere.
  • Indoor Use: Perfect for indoor settings with an independent chime alarm.
  • Reset Protection: Settings are retained unless power is completely cut off.

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime package includes : 

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime only

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm Doorbell Front View Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm Doorbell Front View

Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime Security Protection Alarm Doorbell Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Chime Security Protection Alarm Doorbell


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